Windows 10 Preview after 3 Weeks

I’ve been running my Surface Pro 3 on Windows 10 Technical Preview for 3 weeks, so it’s time for an update on how it’s going.  Over a million people have downloaded the Windows 10 preview so there is apparently a lot of interest.

I really like what Microsoft is doing with Windows 10.  I know this is a work in progress and Microsoft is listening to everything that people are saying.  There is a very well done Windows Feedback page and there are sections for just about everything one would want to report on.  When the most reported items are cosmetically related, there can’t be many real problems.

By and large this is a very solid preview and I’ve only had a few reports to Microsoft on some cosmetic details.  I’m anxiously waiting for Adobe to update Photoshop CC and Adobe Bridge CC as the higher resolution of the Surface Pro 3 leaves the software interface almost too small to use.  I still have very good eyesight, but once in a while I have to resort to my Bosch & Lomb magnifying glass when using Photoshop CC.

If I run in to any major problems, I’ll note them here in my blog.

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